Driving Sustainable Action on Black Inclusion from the Top

If Not Now, When is one of the largest CEO driven commitments to taking key long term sustainable actions on Black Inclusion in UK businesses.

We have created a unique community of more than 80 CEOs stepping up to the call to action to drive a culture which is fully representative and inclusive of Black individuals. Together we are starting with making a change internally, which will then extend to taking additional action externally in achieving Black and wider race inclusion with customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

If Not Now, When?’s commitment and purpose is to drive tangible change through those with the power to make a difference. We are working in partnership with CEOs and other C-Suite leaders; supporting them to achieve their goals with a variety of resources, toolkits, working groups and events focused on the practical implementation of specific actions CEOs have committed to as part of the If Not Now, When? campaign.

Our work will extend across the following pillars of activity: